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The European Microscope reveals shocking details of Hummel, the company that targets Qatar

The European Microscope for Middle East Issues revealed shocking details of Hummel International, which designed the Danish national team’s clothing kit and launched a campaign of incitement against Qatar on hosting the World Cup eve.

The European Microscope said that investigating Hummel proves its close association with countries that commit grave human rights violations. Furthermore, its owner Christian Stadil has been implicated in a resounding scandal after the recent seizure of missiles and explosives inside one of the company’s ships.

The European Microscope noted that the Hummel Company owns stores in the Saudi capital inside the Riyadh Park mall and that the company ignores human rights criticism against the Kingdom for its commercial interests.

BBC had mentioned Hummel’s factories in China, Pakistan and Bangladesh are involved in horrific violations in Xinjiang, where the Uyghur Muslims are subjected to systematic persecution and repression.

The supply chain of Hummel Company coming from China is not subject to any supervision at a time when the company’s management ignores documented reports of the persecution of the Uyghurs and the suppression of human rights in favour of its profits, especially after the company’s revenues increased last year from DKK 511 million to 1.858 billion in 2021.

The European Microscope stated that the Hummel Company suspended its activities in Tibet in 2012 for fear of affecting its business with the Chinese government, which considers the territory under its sovereignty despite its lack of international recognition.

The European Microscope also revealed that the company’s owner was implicated in a scandal when it was discovered that one of the company’s trucks was loaded with missiles.

It was discovered that one of the owner’s cargo ships was loaded with missiles after a ship from the Stadil family’s shipping company, Thorco, was stopped in Finland with 69 surface-to-air missiles and 150 tons of explosives in the hold.

It also emerged that a Stadil ship was scrapped at the Indian beach of Alang, which is notoriously known for turning the blind eye to bad working conditions and the environment

A few days ago, Hummel, the company that sponsors the Danish national team, accused the State of Qatar of negligence regarding the loss of thousands of World Cup stadium workers to their lives during the establishment of the World Cup 2022 facilities.

The company has included a message critical of the host country’s treatment of migrant workers in designing the new shirts for the Danish national soccer team at the World Cup.

The all-black third shirt of the Danish national team participating in the World Cup was announced as a sign of mourning, showing respect for the migrant workers who allegedly died in Qatar.

The World Cup Organizing Committee in Qatar considered Hummel’s statements a hypocritical marketing ploy because the production of their sportswear is located in China, a country with serious human rights issues.

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